Decorum for Oram

Getting the balance of products right, while maximising play value and return on investment, are key criteria when it comes to choosing a play equipment partner. A recent tender win epitomises the rigorous selection process, as well as the credentials needed to fulfil a specific project.

The £45,000 Winchester City Council scheme drew up an initial shortlist of 6 play companies. The ultimate decision was then passed on to the general public and local schools. eibe was delighted to be chosen!

Work at Oram's Arbour Park will begin in December. The playground will feature an Aba Tawa Climbing unit, mound slide combo, toddler and nest swing, as well as a stand-up seesaw, carousel and pick-up sticks climbing unit.

“It’s always more rewarding when the local community is involved in the selection process,” says Stuart Evans, eibe’s Southern Consultant, “It makes you feel confident in your company’s credibility and product portfolio.”


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