Beautiful Products Deserve a Special Setting

The stunning image below depicts an eibe pirate ship on a beach in at sunset. The softening amber glow melting on the horizon almost silhouettes the boat, evoking a sense of mystery and escape. eibe prides itself on producing beautifully crafted play equipment, so to have one of our iconic items showcased in such a picturesque manner is very special.

In recent years, we have undertaken an increasing number of bespoke projects, tailoring our portfolio of products to meet the specific needs of our broad range of customers. Award-winning schemes at Ponty Lido and Southwater Country Park feature an inventive mix of unique, specially made units that highlight eibe’s creativity in designing the playspaces of tomorrow.

If you are seeking something special in a certain location, perhaps a coastal resort, give the eibe team a call today on 01483 813834. You’ll be assigned a local play consultant who will be happy to come and see you to present a host of inspirational and innovative ideas.



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