As Broad as it's Long

Themed play areas are a real speciality for eibe Play. From bespoke ships to realistic castles, we have installed some extraordinary playgrounds over the years. Sometimes, it can just be the setting that is based around a theme for inspiration; something that is evident at our newest completion, “The Ducky”, in the district of Horsham.

The £40,000 scheme, courtesy of Broadbridge Heath Parish Council, is built and themed around a neighbouring pond with delightful splashes of colour completing a perfect regeneration of the popular play area.

After a client request for a visit, eibe set about designing something fresh and exciting, featuring new, bright products that would breathe life into the playspace.

Working alongside Assistant Clerk, Lucinda Edwards, eibe installed two centrepiece units (Mina Solo and Asurka) and a Nest Swing, as well as repainting the existing swings and cableway. Even the flooring has a fluid water-like theme to it. All in all, a lovely colourful new scheme that offers lots to children of all ages.


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