All Content in Deepest Kent

A £23,000 Kent County Council scheme has come to fruition at Trosley Country Park. To coincide with some recently-built meeting rooms and a café, a brand new adjoining playspace, ready for Easter 2013, was the priority for stakeholders at the Council. And despite the unseasonable spring weather making it look like a scene from a winter postcard, Trosley was officially opened to the public in March.

The raised bark-pit play course, featuring some tricky trim trail, will be a great place for children to take on a challenge. There is a wibbly-wobbly bridge and some balancing beams to test your physical skills, as well as our Play House Alexander and the Fredo climbing unit from our fantastic robinia ibondo range.

Three other companies pitched for the project, but it was the natural look of eibe’s play equipment and how it complemented the landscape, that appealed to Park Ranger Nick Browning. He also worked very closely with the eibe team to make sure the cosmetic aspect of the design worked in harmony with the environment.


Work started on March 18th and the final piece of the puzzle was the erecting of a sign post archway at the entrance (pictured), which will eventually be named by local schoolchildren. eibe’s Stuart Evans says the park will offer outstanding play value for many years,

“We are delighted to have worked so closely with Trosley Country Park on the design aspect. We have jointly created a play area that the local children and park users will enjoy for decades.”

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