All Aboard the Tractor Train

Located at the base of the South Downs in the pretty village of Hurstpierpoint, Washbrook Farm has been a regular haunt for the eibe team in the last decade. The ever-popular leisure attraction (just check the amazing tripadvisor reviews!) has purchased a host of equipment from eibe Play down the years, including one of our iconic ships, the Santa Maria. Then they really started to expand their play provision…

A few years later, we added the likes of our Harvester Play unit to blend in with the whole agricultural theme. And late last year, the Washbrook team ordered a new Snake Swing to the burgeoning play offering, as well as one of our Fire Engines. Talk about something for everyone!

Spread around a large animal barn alongside paddocks filled with farm animals, Washbrook’s extensive outdoor play area offers hours of play for children of different ages – there is also an indoor play area for those occasional rainy days – and now it has got even better.

Back in the autumn of 2019, eibe’s veteran consultant, Stuart Evans, advised the Washbrook stakeholders that a new eibe Tractor was to be showcased at the Holiday Park and Innovation Show at the NEC in November. Keen to always have the latest trends, an order was placed and the fantastic wooden play unit, complete with two carriages, was heading to West Sussex.


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