Alice Through the.... Looking Class!

The classy new adventure playground at Alice Holt is already a major hit with local children and visiting tourists. The Forestry Commission site based in Farnham had a playspace built by eibe earlier this year that caters for toddlers to young teenagers; the equipment chosen ensures that everyone between the ages of 5 and 14 can have a great day out in Surrey. The bespoke adventure course is challenging and features various high and low rope structures, some bold towers, ladders, slides and complex crosses.

Julian Williams, Alice Holt Visitor Centre Manager, is thrilled with the effect the project is having;

“The new ‘Timberline’ area built by eibe Play has stirred up huge interest from visitors on the Alice Holt Facebook page and has had many hundreds of families visit the site, especially to see and use the new play area. The Forestry Commission has been pleased with the final result and all the attention visitors have shown towards the play area and we expect a bumper year in visitor numbers this summer holiday, with those who have yet to try it.”



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