A Different School of Thought

Our great new Schools Catalogue is ready for your perusal thanks to our cool e-reader tool.

The 80 page brochure is crammed full of great products designed to give school kids hours of play value and social interaction - and make your life as a teacher a whole lot easier!

From challenging trim trails, to themed ships and castles, as well as traditional swings and slides, eibe has everything nursery and primary schools could possibly need.

Also contained within the catalogue are case studies portraying innovative ideas and schemes at various schools around the UK, alongside useful information on funding opportunities, design and after sales care.

If you are looking to develop the play provision at your school, please contact our head office on 01483 813 834. You will be assigned a personal and experienced Play Consultant who will talk you through all your available options at a suitably convenient time. 

Click the picture below to go to the e-reader and browse the catalogue now.


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