Pringle Park, Scotland


A hard-fought tender win in the 3rd quarter of 2013 has culminated in a substantial sized playspace opening north of the border thanks to collaboration between eibe and Scottish Borders Council.

The original concept for the Pringle Play Park was conceived by the Council’s Landscape Architect and eibe was invited to supply suitable play equipment that would cover a vast age range – specifically toddlers to late teens!


A significant and contributory factor to the success of the £120,000 scheme was the Community Group driving the project. The SPP (Selkirk Playpark Project) had secured Big Lottery Funding for the project and invested in some top range robinia products.

There is a large bespoke climbing piece in the middle of three circular platforms. Other stand-out items include a tailor-made stone set ‘dry river bed’, alongside large hill embankment slides and reclaimed stone from a local quarry which helps to create natural play features.


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